Boris Nikitin. Das Gegenteil der Dinge

Postdramatisches Theater in Portraits #6

Ed. Florian Malzacher. Berlin: Alexander Verlag, 2022.

In German language

In Boris Nikitin’s theatre, the contradiction between dilettantism and virtuosity, between illusion theatre and performance, between documentary, propaganda and fake dissolves; his works reveal a radical aesthetic of the possible: raw, frontal, coarse-grained and always utopian. The book traces Nikitin’s artistic development and provides insights into his working methods.

With an introductory essay by Florian Malzacher, conversations by Dirk Baecker, Joy Kristin Kalu and Christine Wahl with Boris Nikitin, original texts, numerous colour illustrations and an up-to-date catalogue raisonné.

The series Postdramatic Theatre in Portraits is dedicated to the development of a new theatre aesthetic since the 1990s. The history of actors of postdramatic theatre in the German-speaking world is told for the first time in the form of monographs. The editors of the series are Florian Malzacher, Aenne Quiñones and Kathrin Tiedemann.

160 pages. Paperback, numerous pictures
ISBN 978-3-89581-561-4
12,90 €